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Active Holidays

Our range of active holidays - cycling, walking & horse riding - are centered around India's unique geographical and cultural features and are designed to ensure that you experience most of what the real India has to offer.

Cycling in India


The romance of India is best experienced on the quaint country roads, where you witness the simplicities and eccentricities of Indian rural life. Cycling on these country roads makes for the perfect pace to soak in the sights and sounds of this mysterious land. The unique luxury of staying in a fort-palace hotel or a plantation retreat or a remote village house at cycling distance makes for the perfect cycling holiday to experience the enigma that is India.

Pedal into Rajasthan to relive the old world charm while you ride atop your two wheeled steed from one erstwhile fort/palace turned heritage hotel to another; ride through tropical forests, coconut and coffee plantations, serene backwaters and lush green hills in southern India; or, experience the grandeur of the mighty Himalayas, while its contours get imprinted in your mind as you sweat up the mountains and coast down them.

Walking trails

Walking Trails

There is truly no more inspiring and rewarding way to experience this subcontinent than on foot. Whether it is quaint mountain villages, bustling small towns or old and forgotten parts of large cities, we have walking tours for everyone and everywhere.

India and its beauty lie in the numerous villages spread across the country. However, what most India visitors get is just a glimpse of these villages. Our rural walks take you through these unspoilt remote villages and lush fields, enabling you to experience rural India from close quarters, walk freely around and interact with the community – exchanging stories with the elderly people over a cup of ‘chai’ or help the men and women working in the fields. Accommodation is provided in clean and comfortable village houses or home-stays that are set in picturesque locations. 

Walking in Indian Cities

Our city walks are designed for those not hard-pressed for time. In spite of the pressures of modernization, India is yet to be engulfed by uniform culture and hence she is still a culturally diverse and colourful country, which led a 19th century British scholar to call India a 'museum of anthropology'. As you walk through the narrow lanes, you will be fascinated by the ancient structures strewn around, the vibrant markets, the colourful people, the multi-cultural mix of mosques and temples, the different street cuisines, and the sheer throbbing energy of the place.

As interests and capabilities vary, our walks are customized as per your specific needs.

Horse Riding

Horse Riding

Our equestrian holidays take you to areas virtually untouched by mass tourism and offer a true insight into the traditional rural way of life. The terrain is a unique mix of gently rolling Aravali hills interspaced by sand dunes and agricultural fields. For the wildlife enthusiasts the area offers quite a few surprises and it is not uncommon to see the elusive leopard. While you ride with our highly experienced leaders, the large entourage of chefs, housekeepers and grooms take care of all arrangements. The safari transports you to a bygone era when such camps were used for royal hunts.

The Marwari is a distinctively indigenous horse of the principality of Marwar-Jodhpur (hence the name Marwari). The most distinctive feature of this equine is the inward curving ears which swivel around asking instruction from the rider. The deep seat makes for a very fluid and comfortable trot and canter. The animal is generally between 14.2 to 16 hands in height. This warm-blooded equine is related to the Arab and as such is noted for its endurance.

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